I’m a writer of fiction, poetry, creative personal essays, and most things in-between. My work is frequently speculative, sometimes experimental, and typically falls on the far side of “weird”.Layla Al-Bedawi
I’m a German native who moved to the US in 2006. I have a background in language and writing instruction, and while my time spent in the TESOL and English M.A. programs at WVU solidified beautiful West Virginia as my US home state, a longing for warmth and open water led me to Houston, Texas, where I currently live with my partner, two cats, and a dog, and where I try to spend as much time as possible in, on, or near the water.
Ever since moving to Houston, I’ve been passionately involved in the city’s literary world. In early 2017, I co-founded Fuente Collective, an organization for writers and other artists that believes in experimentation, collaboration, and hybridity as important creative drivers. Through FuenteCo, I help to build a diverse program of retreats and events that focus less on how-to instruction and more on encouraging people to generate new creative ideas and work, connecting them to their creativity in unusual and exciting ways, and freeing them from self-censorship and the ruts they’re stuck in.  You can learn more about FuenteCo and our upcoming events here. I also co-founded and acted as Festival Director for Writefest, Houston’s Emerging Writers Festival, from 2015-2017.