Fuente Collective

In 2017, I co-founded Fuente Collective with three of my dearest writer and editor friends, Patricia Coral, Tayyba Maya Kanwal, and Julia Rios. We built FuenteCo out of a desire to create the kind of organization and community for writers and other artists we felt the literary scene was sorely lacking. Through FuenteCo, we’re building a diverse program of retreats and other creative events that focus less on how-to instruction and more on encouraging people to explore, experiment, and collaborate, to come together as a community to generate new ideas and creative work. We want to connect people (whether they think of themselves as writers and artists or not) to their creativity in unusual and exciting ways, help them shed their self-censorship, and break them out of the ruts they’re stuck in.  You can learn more about FuenteCo and our upcoming events here.

Aside from day-long FuenteCo Retreats, shorter Creativity Fixes, and other events and readings, we regularly invite Houston writers to join us for a Write-at, two hours of uninterrupted writing time at a variety of coffee shops across the city. You can frequently fine me at these, so come say hi sometime!

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