SPIDER EYES (poetry) is forthcoming in Juked (May 2018).

THOSE WE FEED (flash). Fireside Fiction (January 2017).


“I feel like I’m meant to ask what I did to deserve this. Whether a real child ever grew inside me. Whether you are a curse, and how I can lift it. But my mouth spits out a different question, one that has been waiting inside my gut for years to finally burn its way up through my throat like a mournful, wailing acid.”

THE SCRATCH INSIDE YOUR CHEST (poetry). Strange HorizonsArab League Community Special Issue (October 2017).

Featured on the Strange Horizons podcast.
Nominated for a Rhysling Award. 

Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.29.51“You abhor the sunlight and you’ve taught us to avoid it. We sleep as soundless,
motionless dolls, hands upon sheets, closed eyelids pointed heavenward, a
hundred thousand miles away from you. We don’t blame you for not coming
when we call. We stopped calling a very long time ago.”

LINEAGE (flash fiction). Bayou Magazine Issue 67 (May 2017).

FullSizeRender (4)Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. 

“How I would cherish such a letter. Would I leave it unopened, preserving this part of you that still holds a charge, that is not used up yet? Or would I rip into it, inhale it, rub the words on my face, press the paper into my closed eyelids, wanting to disappear into the world you wrote?”

TWO HALF HITCHES (poetry). Mithila Review Issue 8 (April 2017), as part of THE SANTA MONICA PROPHECIES, a collaborative triptych with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and Holly Lyn Walrath.Mithila 8 cover

“With tendrils tight around my feet, I fling / the anchor of my body at the horizon. Overconfident, I / pay no mind to finding a way back to land. As my fingertips / graze a drowned pink sun, you reel me back in.”

TO ESCAPE THE WITCH’S HOUSE (poetic flash). Liminal Stories Issue 2 (October 2016).

Featured in the 2017 Art & Words Show in Fort Worth, TX, as part of which multidisciplinary artist Stacy Tompkins created a sculpture inspired by the piece.liminal-issue-2-cover

“As you travel, he will bring you songbirds and small rabbits. Together, you will gnaw the little carcasses down to their bones, then hide them in tree hollows and under wet piles of leaves. You will know better than to leave a trail. Keep one of the birds’ voices for yourself.”

PROPAGATION (poetry). Strange Horizons (April 2016).

Reviewed at Quick Sip Reviews.
Featured on the Strange Horizons podcast (May 2, 2016).
Featured on Mr Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon, a Boston Free Radio show and podcast (May 12, 2016).
Featured in the 2016 Art & Words Show in Fort Worth, TX, as part of which visual artist Suedabeh Ewing created a watercolor painting in response to the poem (October 2016).Screenshot 2016-04-18 14.29.51

“You used to have wings, but I nibbled them off long ago. You don’t
begrudge it; now you are all limbs, the more to hold on to me with.
Your knees and elbows creak as I bend them this way and that, tenderly
so as not to break them. Your skin ripples with laughter at my manipulations.”

WHY DO I WRITE FICTION? (poetic personal essay). ARTHouston Magazine Issue 2 (February 2016).

373“If I told you this story but made it about two brothers, or two princesses, or two cats; if I imbued the walnut with magical powers passed down through generations, if the little girl in the story, or the mother, or the grandmother, were a ghost: would that make my story fiction?”


WHILE I WAIT (flash fiction). Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (January 2016).

Reviewed at Quick Sip Reviews and at Nerds of A Feather.
Featured on Mr Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon, a Boston Free Radio show and podcast (May 12, 2016).


” I didn’t go near the door for a solid week, which turned out to be a mistake. By the time I took a peek there were dozens of them out there, waiting on me to feed them. The sight was almost enough to make me move out. But where would I go? And honestly, I think I’d be lonely without them. It’s not like anyone else ever visits.”

WARD (flash fiction). Crab Fat Magazine Issue 6 (November 2015). Find it on page 10.

Featured on Mr Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon, a Boston Free Radio show and podcast (May 12, 2016).

Screen-Shot-2015-11-28-at-7.24.27-PM“I buried my long fingers deep inside my armpits and studied the twins from corners and door frames as they sipped tea in our living room, perfect little feet on the Persian rug, the harmonies of their laughter a dog whistle my father couldn’t seem to help but follow, bringing them fruit then pastries then dripping glasses of ice cold Coca Cola, a thing he usually called women’s work. My mother stood by, out of a job.”

WASTE OF SPACE (flash fiction). Flash Fiction Magazine (October 2015).

I knew right away it wasn’t one of those tip of the tongue circumstances. I know exactly what those are like: your brain feels like it’s straining real hard, and you want to beat your fist on the table and laugh, because it’s just so silly that you can’t remember the darned thing, but in just a moment you’ll have it, and it’s such a nice feeling when you finally manage to spit it out. Y’know?

This was nothing like that.

MIDGUT ROCK (flash fiction) won 3rd place in The Molotov Cocktail Magazine‘s Flash Fury contest. It is published online as well as in their Prize Winners Print Anthology, available on Amazon.  Read it online here. (July 2015)


It hatched with the sunset, not even a full day’s cycle after its mysterious manifestation. The rolling, doughy body, diseased green and segmented, crawled its way through town, leaving a trail of pungent slime in its wake. The men and women screamed, the children stood with mouths agape, scared but in awe at the one miracle they were allowed to witness during their lifetimes.

ORIGIN (flash fiction) appeared in Our Space, a curated collection of short prose and poetry by Houston writers, published by Writespace.

wdlmpfhuepdvfx8evlwy“She reached far, scissoring her body in half, refusing to make any movement not strictly necessary. Before touching the ground, she hovered her hand a few inches above where the grass ended, and waited for her eyes to adjust. Could she be patient? Could it?”